milk_shake® Sensorial Mint Conditioner 300ml

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milk_shake Sensorial Mint Conditioner is a delicate SLS free invigorating, refreshing, moisturising and hydrating conditioner for the hair and scalp

The perfect frequent use conditioning solution to refresh and hydrate the hair and scalp after exercise and in the warmth of the summer. Organic mint extract adds a sensational mint leaf fragrance whilst the formula works on the scalp.

The Sensational Sensorial Mint Conditioner For a Fabulous Post-Gym Hair Boost!

This soft, refreshing frequent use conditioner moisturises, protects and invigorates the hair and leaves it wonderfully vibrant, glossy and hydrated. As a paraben-free solution, it is kind to the hair and nourishes and hydrates the scalp. Feel instantly refreshed on hot summers days after using the milk_shake® Sensorial Mint Haircare Range – your hair’s new secret weapon.

Best for: post a work-out. On hot, summers days.

The innovative formula in Milk_shake® Sensorial Mint conditioner contains:

organic mint extract with refreshing, invigorating, purifying and stimulating properties, revitalises hair and scalp, sage extract with antioxidant, purifying and stimulating properties, milk protein with a deep replenishing and conditioning action on the hair’s structure, fruit extracts of raspberry, papaya, mango and blackberry enriched with vitamins for vitality and shine, no SLS, eco-friendly bottle in biodegradable plastic that is broken down and recycled quickly and easily


Apply to clean hair, distribute throughout. Leave for 1 – 3 mins and rinse.