milk_shake® Purifying Blend Shampoo 300ml

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Intensive purifying shampoo for scalp and hair

milk_shake purifying shampoo cleanses whilst gently neutralising the scalp and freeing it from impurities, dandruff, sebum, sweat and styling product residue.  Selected plant-based ingredients contribute to protecting scalp and hair from pollution, for a healthy, shiny result.

Ideal for men and women with dandruff who want to gently cleanse their hair and get rid of grease, impurities and dullness.

milk_shake® purifying blend is a concentrate of natural active ingredients with exceptional purifying properties, formulated to protect the scalp and solve the discomforts associated with excessive dandruff, grease and undesired residues from the surrounding environment.


ADA seaweed: a green-blue micro-seaweed that grows spontaneously in the waters of Klamath Lake, one of the purest lakes in the world in the uncontaminated nature of Oregon.  Rich in phycocyanin C, a strong natural antioxidant, as well as vitamins, essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids, it has shown to have efficient detoxifying capabilities, as well as protecting the biological structures of oxidation and protecting from environmental and internal stress.  It also improves the elasticity and hydration on the scalp.

organic nettle extract: containing smoothing and conditioning properties for scalp and hair.

organic achillea extract: renowned for its invigorating, soothing, refreshing and anti-dandruff properties.

lemon and rosemary essential oils and eucalyptol: anti-bacterial and regenerating properties.

zinc pyrithione: anti-bacterial, it counteracts dandruff and greasy scalp

allantoin:  soothing, protective and conditioning for the scalp

magnesium and aluminium silicate: absorbs sebum