Hair Topper - Cheryl Ombre

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Jon le Court High Quality Hair Toppers.

This beautiful piece provides ultimate coverage for those suffering from hair thinning at the crown. Made with a breathable silk base for unwavering comfort and long lasting wear. A crown of silk lace allows you to completely tailor this look to match your style; part it anywhere you’d like!

  • Hair type: 100% Remy Human Hair
  • Longevity: 7-9 months with proper care and maintenance
  • Texture: Straight

Hair Length & Details:

Small Base Dimensions: 3" x 5"
Large Base Dimensions: 5.5" x 6" 

Short Hair Length: 5" - 6" 
Long Hair Length: 12" - 16"

The large base has twice as much hair as the small base giving you maximum volume the small base will give you light coverage and light volume!


There might be a slight difference in the colour of the topper depending on your computer screen colour tone. They can only be coloured to a darker shade than the original colour, the toppers cannot be bleached or lightened. Always consult your hair stylist in the salon before deciding to dye your topper.

Home Care: 

Hair Toppers need plenty of hydration. Ensure you regularly use moisture foams and oil sprays to ensure longevity!

This will maintain it looking soft and shiny, the topper will then last longer and always look realistic. Use Moisture foams and oil sprays on your topper when wet and dry then use your fingers or brush gently. You can moisturise and oil your topper every wear if you wish. I certainly do (Amy)

How to Wear a Hair Topper:

Step 1: Clearly Identify Anterior-posterior Direction. Detangle the Hair With a Wig Comb.Open All Clips on the Underside of the Topper.

Step 2: Place the Front Edge of the Topper Approximately 1-2 inches From the Front of Your Hairline, Positioning it Over the Area of Hair Loss, and Secure the Front Clip.

Step 3: Place Light Pressure Over the Top of the Hairpiece and Run Your Fingers Over the Length of the Base to Secure the Back Clip.

Step 4: Style and Blend Hair as Desired.

If You Want to Know More About the Hair, Please Contact us Before Order.

If you're still unsure, why not speak with a client who wears one?

Debbie wears her topper everyday! Give her a call and ask her all about it on 0437433314! She will give you all the honest answers! 

Our very own stylist, Amy also wears one every day! Call 07 3279 0988 to speak with her to get a stylists point of view. 

If you have any hair concerns, feel free to contact us. We want you to have the hair that you desire and now - you can! 

Hair Topper - Cheryl Ombre
Hair Topper - Cheryl Ombre