Toned FX Trio Pack
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Genetix Reborn Toned FX Trio Pack

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Get beautifully healthy and vibrant blonde hues with the Genetix Reborn TONED FX Trio Pack.

Genetix Reborn TONED FX Shampoo and Conditioner are packed full of beneficial botanical extracts.  These restore life and lustre for blondes.  Most importantly, this powerful duo BOTH contain violet pigments that tone blonde hues.  As a result you can achieve brilliant bombshell blonde hues. Botanical extracts of Lemon Balm, Coltsfoot, Rosemary, Sage and Marshmallow Root work to cleanse and hydrate hair to optimum levels. As a result hair feels nourished and healthier.

In addition, the Violet toner in BOTH products works to eliminate any unwanted brassy or yellowing hues. Botanical bliss at its best! Top it off with our ultimate lightweight leave-in moisturising Revitafoam.  This subsequently gives you the ultimate pack for all shades of blonde, lightened or grey hair care.

Suitable for: Blondes of every shade, bleached hair, lightened, foiled hair and greys.



1 x 300ml Genetix Reborn TONED FX Shampoo

Enriched with violet pigments to actively neutralise yellow and warmer tones.  Gently cleansing and intensely hydrating blonde hair leaving it brilliantly brass-free.


1 x 300ml Genetix Reborn TONED FX Conditioner

Enriched with conditioning actives and violet pigments to gently counteract brassy tones.  This results in brighter, more brilliant BOMBSHELL blonde hues.


1 x 125g Revitafoam

A lightweight leave-in moisturising foam for disentangling and enhancing hair elasticity.  Instantly tames the hair while minimising frizziness and dryness.


Genetix Reborn TONED FX Trio Pack for Blonde Hair with brass-free Brilliance! Finish with protective and enhancing Revitafoam for all day long hair care.