Jon le Court offer a professional selection of intense hair care treatments that use the power of natural ingredients including milk proteins, honey, organic Argan Oil and Muru Muru Butter to re-hydrate, replenish and improve the integrity of the hair.

Each individual application will improve the internal structure of the hair and over all hair health as well as encourage shine and vitality.

21 products
milk_shake® Incredible Milk
Revita Seaweed Gel 200ml
Dushi Moroccan Hair Fibres 25g
milk_shake® Glistening Argan Oil 50ml
Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Intensive Repair Mask 200ml
milk_shake® Argan Deep Treatment 200ml
milk_shake® Integrity Muru Muru Butter 200ml
milk_shake® Energizing Blend Hair Thickener Scalp Treatment 30ml
Dushi Hair Locking Spray 100ml
KMS Moistrepair Revival Creme 125ml
Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Regenerating Blow-Dry Spray 125ml
Genetix Hair Rescue Intensive Treatment 250ml
KMS Moist Repair Style Primer 75ML
Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize - Rebalancing scalp foundation 110ml
Kerasilk Goldwell Revitalize Exfoliating Pre-Wash 250ml
Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize - Detoxifying Serum (Dandruff) 100ml
Goldwell Kerasilk Revitalize - Nourishing Serum 100ml
KMS Moistrepair Anti-Breakage Spray 100ml
Goldwell Kerasilk Color Intensive Luster Mask 200ml
Revita Blow by Blow 200ml
Genetix Hair Rescue Intensive Treatment 1L